I Had To Deal With That, Stay Positive, That Was The Most Difficult Challenge, He Said.

“I was in the cockpit eating breakfast and an armada of boats arrived. I thought, I’m not ready yet! So I finished my breakfast, cleaned my teeth and greeted them.” Thomson sailed with a broken foil in the last eight weeks of his 27,636-nautical-mile odyssey before taking his 60-foot yacht Hugo Boss home almost 16 hours after Le Cleac’h, who was also at the finish to congratulate his rival. “It’s funny because a few days out you almost don’t want to have that many people as it’s a bit daunting but coming to Les Sables d’Olonne for the second (time) in beautiful weather, I feel blessed,” said Thomson. “I’m looking forward to getting some sleep, seeing my family and having my life back.” my sourcesThomson was in the lead when his starboard foiling fin broke in a collision with a floating object, resulting in him falling behind by a massive 800 nautical miles in the notoriously stormy seas off South America’s Cape Horn. “To be crippled on one side was really painful. I had to deal with that, stay positive, that was the most difficult challenge,” he said. SOLO 24-HOUR DISTANCE RECORD However, he beat the record for the longest distance – 536.8 nautical miles – covered solo in 24 hours. He then cut his distance from the frontrunner down to about 35 miles, before fading in the final stretch.

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